Jaliko - Better, Clearer, Crisper Images

Jaliko creates, innovates, and delivers image processing and computer vision solutions that enhance image clarity and fidelity. Our range of solutions utilise computer vision and computational photography techniques to boost the performance of image capture.

By leveraging our expertise in vision and optics, Jaliko's algorithms demonstrate particular excellence in digital image enhancement via image distortion and colour aberration removal.


Optical aberrations in images are caused by undesired dispersion and refraction effects in the frontend optics of a camera. Lens distortion results in image warping, whilst chromatic aberration produces spurious colours that are often visually distracting due to their unnatural hues.


All camera lenses produce these aberrations to a great or lesser extent in the image that they capture. Jaliko's image enhancement algorithms apply machine learning to optimally pare away these aberrations, revealing the true, crisp image.


Our technology can currently correct
Lens Distortion - pincushion, barrel, complex
Chromatic Aberration - lateral chromatic aberration, semi- or fully- automatic solutions
Purple Fringing - fully automatic solution with colour recovery
Defocus Blur - non-convolution based proprietary algorithm

Corrections are performed post-capture as a pure software solution, making them suitable for implementation on any type of application processor.


Crisper images with distracting aberrations removed
Enhanced accuracy of image-based metrics
Reduced apparent blur that mitigates the 'cheap' appearance of outputs from imagers with low-end optics
Pure software solutions




Camera phones DSCs, interchangeable lens cameras
Automotive Sports cameras, drones
Medical Security
Video Broadcast



Jaliko has extensive experience in vision algorithm research, development, and testing. Our co-founders both hold PhDs in computer vision. We also provide contracting services in the computer vision domain.


Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

Distortion correction
Mouse over/touch on the image to see correction.
Chromatic aberration correction (image crop)
Purple fringing correction (image crop)
Defocus blur correction


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