Jaliko provides innovative software solutions for digital imaging, calibration and optical aberration correction.


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Jaliko was founded in 2010 and since then has been developing solutions and systems for digital imaging applications. Its co-founders have over a decade of experience in the research and development of solutions targeted at digital imaging markets. Both Aubrey and John undertook their computer vision doctoral research in the Centre for Image Processing and Analysis in Dublin City University, Ireland. Together they formed Jaliko to provide solutions for improving the world's digital images.


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Jaliko's first product offering, LensTool, is a desktop software application for enabling the precise and fast calibration and correction of certain optical aberrations in digital images. Jaliko is driven by the need to improve correction accuracy whilst simplifying the calibration process required to perform these corrections.


Jaliko is based in Invent DCU, Dublin City University's on-campus business incubation centre.

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